Mayor Gillespie's Thanksgiving Message

November 23, 2016


Dear Friends, Fellow Employees and Partners of Prattville,

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. It is a time to reflect and a time to be grateful for all that we have been given over the past year. We are truly blessed here in Prattville, our little slice of Southern Heaven.

We are truly blessed by the people in our lives, the people around, white, red or yellow; young or old; weak or strong. It’s the heart that matters and the goodness in all those around us. This should remind us to always follow The Golden Rule.

I feel confident that Daniel Pratt would shed a tear of joy over this community and all that we have accomplished together. It is together that we achieve our greatest victories and sense of accomplishment.

I must say that from time to time, I take some things for granted. It is not intentional, but like for all us, it is human nature. Sunrises. The smell of rain (Rain is a good thing). The smell of coffee. Family members, coworkers and Partners of Prattville. Please know that I am grateful for all of these and so much more. I am thankful for all of you.

I want to personally thank those who will work over the Thanksgiving holiday: our first responders (Fire, Police, EMTs, Volunteer Fire and Ambulance services), our Clean City Professionals (Sanitation crews and Street Sweepers), our clean water professionals (Wastewater crews), medical staff and our caretakers in medical facilities, nursing homes, and private homes. Please don’t forget our military service members. They are on duty protecting us and keeping us safe 24/7 and many times are far from home. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their service and their families for their sacrifice. Please also remember our clergy who are always praying over us. Let us all remember to pray for them as well.

I wish for you many blessings not only for this Thanksgiving holiday, but also on each and every day.

To coin a phrase from Apple’s latest commercial, “open your heart to everyone” this holiday.

Your public servant and friend,


Bill Gillespie, Jr.

P.S. The Christmas Tree Lighting event starts at 5:30pm on November 28th down by the spillway on Court Street. The tree will be lit at 7pm after all the entertainment has concluded. Santa will make an appearance after the tree has been lit. The Christmas Parade is December 2nd and begins at 7pm. Please stay connected through Facebook or our website for Sanitation & Holiday schedules!