Satellite Recycling Center to be Relocated


CONTACT: Teresa Lee, or (334) 595-0102

July 21, 2015


Due to the overwhelming success of our satellite-recycling site currently located at Fire Station 3, the City of Prattville will be relocating this service to Overlook Memorial Park effective August 3rd. The high traffic and high volume of material being recycled has created a bit of a logistical issue for our Fire Department.

We placed the bins at Fire Station 3 as a test site. This new location will also be a test site. We are looking for more locations and would like public input or suggestions. We recognize that some areas of Prattville recycle more than others, but we encourage everyone to recycle and minimize their carbon footprint for the good of our environment and to keep unnecessary items out of our landfill.

Moving the recycling bins to Overlook Memorial Park will provide ease of access in virtually the same area of town. Our employees frequent the park for maintenance and will be able to effectively maintain the monitoring of the bins that our dedicated fire personnel have previously provided.

"This is a positive problem to have," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "The bins are highly utilized and we call this additional location a success. As with any program, we review and make tweaks over time to be sure that we are providing good service to our citizens in the most efficient manner."

New Recycling Center Location
Overlook Memorial Park
299 Jay Street
Open Dawn until Dusk
Effective August 3, 2015