August 28, 2019


Contact: Lisa M. Byrd
Mayor’s Executive Assistant

New Recycling
Recycling is officially easy in the City of Prattville! Effective August 26, 2019, rolling your garbage can out for collection is all it takes to recycle. The City of Prattville's Sanitation Division of Public Works is excited to have a single-stream recycling program for our community and have less waste going into the landfill.

On August 20, 2019, the City Council passed a resolution to authorize the Mayor to enter into a Solid Waste Agreement with RePower South (RPS) in Montgomery, Alabama. "RPS offers an alternative, advanced recycling, recovery, and clean energy for a sustainable waste and energy future. We do this by processing landfill-bound municipal solid waste and recovering recyclable materials not captured by traditional programs."

"We have a large portion of our community that is committed to recycling. The partnership with RePower South makes recycling easier for our citizens and enables 100% community participation. This effective and efficient way of recycling is a win-win for our community to continue to be environmentally friendly and reduce landfill waste," said Mayor Bill Gillespie Jr.

Once your garbage is collected, the Sanitation Division will transport it to the high-tech RePower South Montgomery Recycling and Recovery Facility. RePower South will then begin the process to remove all recyclable and salvageable items before disposing any waste into the landfill. They can recycle 50-60% of the garbage that is brought to their facility. RPS recycled commodities will be baled and/or turned into ReEF™ fuel. Learn more about this process and their products here.

So how does this affect day to day recycling? Now, all recyclable items can be included in your household garbage. You no longer have to separate your recyclable items. However, the City does request that you continue separating all cardboard and paper products for curbside collection on your yard trash day. Why do we need you to continue separating cardboard and paper? Our Clean City Professionals collect these items and transport them for recycling. The City is paid a per ton market rate for recycled cardboard and paper products. The money collected from this program goes back directly into the Sanitation Enterprise Fund. Recycling cardboard and paper keeps bulky boxes from utilizing space in your garbage can, helps keep community recycling on the forefront, and provides additional funding for the department.

Do you still want to separate all of your recycling products? You are welcome to keep separating all of your recyclable items. However, the Alabama Department of Corrections has ended its recycling collection program. The recycling dumpsters/bins located at Overlook Memorial Park have been modified to only accept cardboard and paper products. The, City of Prattville's Recycling Center, located at 122 Ridgewood Road, will accept all recyclable items during regular business hours with a current City of Prattville Sanitation service bill. Also, the City will accept cardboard/paper and metals from anyone at the recycling center.

"Anything that can be recycled will be recycled. Only materials that have no use will now go into the landfill. We are always looking for ways to do things better while being environmentally friendly, and we are accomplishing both of these tasks with this agreement," said Dale Gandy, Public Works Director.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact the Public Works Department at (334) 5950888 or