City of Prattville Thanks Community & Friends for Outpouring of Support


CONTACT: Teresa M. Lee, or (334) 361-3649

July 16, 2012

From the time the first post was placed on the City of Prattville's Facebook page until the grant contest ended last night at 10:59:59 p.m., the outpouring of community support was and continued to be overwhelming.

"It is a rare and wondrous thing to see a community pull together towards a common goal the way the residents of the City of Prattville did during this contest," said Teresa Lee. "Our neighbors and communities all over the state, in fact, nationwide supported us in this effort. We tracked the voting traffic through and were able to discern that all 50 states had voted for Pratt Park."

Pratt Park remained in 1st place with 28,418,639 votes, more than 7.2 million over the 2nd place park. Coca-Cola is now in the process of confirming all votes through a 3rd party audit. After completion of their audit, we hope to be awarded the $100,000 grant and have Pratt Park named "America's Favorite Park." Please note that the audit could take as long as a month to be completed. We will make this announcement as soon as we have heard from officials at Coca-Cola.

"During my tenure as mayor, I've repeatedly said that we can do anything if we all work together," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "The only thing that surprised me about this endeavor is how far reaching our connections are and that so many people nationwide joined us in our efforts to bring this grant home to Prattville. We've been referred to as the Fountain City, the Preferred Community and now I say that Prattville is "the little city who can". On behalf of the City of Prattville, I thank each of you for your hard work and dedication. Watch the City website ( or City Facebook page ( for details on our upcoming announcement party."