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Wastewater...Past, Present, Future
February 5, 2016

Did You Know...Around 1940, some of the first sewer lines were installed in downtown Prattville. In the absence of any wastewater treatment facility, these lines directed the waste into Autauga Creek. At this point in history, it can be noted that "the solution to pollution was dilution", to coin a phrase.

In 1959, the first wastewater treatment plant was built in Prattville. This plant was located on Doster Road at the current location of our Public Works Yard. In 1972, the federal government enacted the Clean Water Act. This legislation provided guidelines for municipalities to follow so that the wastewater was properly treated before being released back into the ecosystem. In 1980, the Autauga Creek and the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plants were brought online at a cost of approximately $12 million, much of which was provided through grant funding. At this time, Prattville had 18,647 residents, according to the 1980 census.

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Did You Know? You Can Help Prevent Flash Flooding

Urban Management crews maintain publicly-owned ditches, meaning we have an easement or right-of-way, throughout the City. Not all stormways are publicly-owned or maintained.  

Annual Black History Program

WHEN: Friday, February 19th 
TIME: 6:00 p.m. 
SPEAKER: Oscar Berry 
WHERE: Doster Center 

Arts Council to Honor the Artist Nall
  The Prattville Creative and Performing Arts Council is pleased to announce that they will honor The Artist Nall at the Fountain City Arts Festival Dinner on Saturday, March 12. 
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