Yaupon Garden Club Donates to Creekwalk Gazebo Project

May 24, 2011

About a year ago, Vehicle Maintenance employee Robert Browder came up with the idea to create a gazebo. He presented this idea along with a discussion of possible locations and a conceptual idea of what it should look like with Urban Management Department Head Ken Johnson.

Browder and Johnson wanted to wire the gazebo for light, include benches on a wood flooring with a tin roof. They even discussed color choices. And so the project began...


Robert used leftover metal and scrap parts (left from gate work and other projects completed around the city) to begin constructing the gazebo.



With the advent of budgetary concerns back in the fall, work on the gazebo was halted.

The Yaupon Garden Club became aware of the project and made the decision to assist. On Thursday, May 19th, they presented Ken, and the City of Prattville, with a check in the amount of $1,000 to cover the remaining costs to complete the gazebo project.

Yaupon Garden Club members (incoming Vice President) Sandra Adams, (incoming President) Beverly Byard,
(outgoing President) Debbie Boutelier, Urban Management Department Head Ken Johnson, and Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr.

This gazebo will be nestled alongside the Creekwalk. It will be a beautiful addition that will offer a breathtaking view of the creek. At some point in the future, Urban Management desires to create a garden around it.

Ken Johnson, and the City of Prattville, thank the Yaupon Garden Club for their willingness to contribute to this effort!