City Implements Website Translate Feature

Webmaster Teresa Lee is pleased to announce that we’ve implemented a new feature on our website. We now translate the City of Prattville website into 57 languages plus English. At the bottom of any page, you may click a flag or use the drop down to change it to whichever language you need. This will accommodate our international businesses and our international traffic on the website.

ReadSpeaker is currently working with Google Translate on a new version of their product. When this is completed, it will be implemented. At that point, when you translate the site into another language and then click the ReadSpeaker button, it will read the page in that language. This will probably not be ready until first quarter 2011, but the City is very excited about it.

The FAQs (frequently asked questions) menu has been moved to the left hand slider menu on the home page. It is also available on the bottom of every page. This was to accommodate the translate feature.

If you have any questions, please contact our webmaster.