Urban Management Begins Planting Downtown

March 24, 2014

At the end of last week, Urban Management began some planting in historic downtown. Horticulturist Deven Peek and his crews have planted a variety of hollies at the corner of Main and Chestnut Streets and in areas in front of downtown shops. The Robin Hollies are the taller evergreens in the beds. They have planted Dwarf Yaupon Hollies, Dwarf Burford Hollies and Carissa Hollies to fill in around those taller shrubs.


These hardy evergreen shrubs will remain in the beds year round and will serve as a great backdrop for the plants and flowers planted in warmer months. In the future, they will also provide additional options for seasonal lighting in historic downtown. Deven and his staff will be planting all the seasonal plants and flowers in mid-April, so get ready for that wonderful splash of color they always achieve with their dedication and hard work! We appreciate that they make us beautiful and this curb appeal speaks well to site selectors when they visit our town looking for a location for their businesses.