Urban Management Awarded Historic Downtown Prattville Tree Revitalization Funding

February 21, 2013

The City of Prattville is pleased to announce that the Alabama Forestry Commission has awarded funding in the amount of $6,430 to the Urban Management Department for Historic Downtown Prattville Tree Revitalization.

The awarded funds will be used to purchase a variety of trees that will enhance the aesthetics of the Downtown area and add value to the buildings, reduce street level pollution, and provide year round foliage. The current trees in the downtown area are in decline due to disease and improper variety selection. The new plantings will be not only the correct variety of tree for the environment, but also the correct size for the area. They will maximize curb appeal for our City, our businesses, and promote an environment for increased foot traffic.

We are excited at the opportunity to have more greenspace, especially in our historic downtown business district, and hope that we can get more citizens outside and active as they visit the City's center for commerce, festivals, parades and other activities. We would like to thank the Alabama Forestry Commission as well as Prattville Downtown Unlimited for their continued support.


~contributed by Meredith Dismukes, Mayor's Administrative Assistant