Upper Kingston Gets New Irrigation

March 19, 2015


Soccer has grown by leaps and bounds in this great City of ours and is by far, our largest Parks and Recreation program. Parks and Recreation averages 500 children participating each spring and fall season.

In evaluating Upper Kingston, we recognized the need to improve the playing fields, which requires the capability to water them. There was an outdated, inoperable irrigation system in place. Urban Management stepped up and took on the project of installing a modern, efficient system that provides adequate coverage of the athletic turf.

Logistically, it made the most sense to start the project with field #2 and #9. Those two fields are centrally located and therefore, best suited for installation of the new system.

Our coaches and players should notice a significant improvement in play during the spring season as a result of this new installation.

Parks and Recreation Director Kellie Cook will include budget requests for the 2015/16 fiscal year to allow irrigation to be installed for all the remaining fields. She is also looking into grant funding to help offset the cost of future expansions.







Thanks go out to Urban Management Superintendent Deven Peek and his staff for their hard work and also to Parks and Rec Director Kellie Cook for all of her (and her staff's) hard work in bettering our parks and facilities!