Safety First - Lights Added to Mowers

October 15, 2015

Urban Management accomplished roughly 4,000 hours of mowing this year during the months of January through September. They have a lot of territory to cover in cutting parks, open areas, City right-of-ways and around City facilities. These hours of mowing equate to approximately 18,000 acres mowed.*

Mayor Gillespie has implemented a process where we "AER" things out using tabletop exercises or After Event Reviews. Many of our departments and divisions have used this process to better their procedures and projects. Recently, Urban Management crews reviewed their mowing processes looking for ways to be safer and more efficient. One of the results of this review was to add strobe lights to the mowers.


We are always looking for ways to make Prattville better one project, or review, at a time.


*Figures based off of mowed production charts.