Public Works Takes Delivery of PacMan

October 23, 2015

From time to time, Sanitation foremen or crew members need to pick up something that may or may not be on the day's route. It violates State Health Laws to do so in a traditional pickup truck. With the crews on the garbage trucks running normal routes, it is more efficient to have a vehicle that can deal with these individual situations.

As part of the capital improvement plan for this Public Works Division, they took delivery of this ParKan insert, which has been mounted into the bed of a Ford F250. This vehicle is perfect for use on narrow streets such as Hunt's Alley and is the first of its kind in our fleet. Sanitation plans to utilize it at special events as well. The ParKan insert and pickup truck ran the department a total of $30,000, which was $20,000 less than budgeted.

ParKan10232015 1
Mayor Bill Gillespie, Foreman Carl Brown (background) and C.S. Steele (foreground).

ParKan10232015 3

ParKan10232015 4

ParKan10232015 5

"This is just the first delivery of equipment budgeted for this year," said Public Works Director Dale Gandy. "Bringing this division's equipment up to standard will increase their efficiency exponentially and save a tremendous amount in maintenance costs. I'm proud of Sanitation's management and crews and the work they consistently do for the citizens of this great city."