PPD School & Public Relations Teach at Safety Town

trhope-safetytownOctober 23, 2008

Prattville Police Department School and Public Relations Officer T. R. Hope spent three days this week at Prattville Kindergarten participating in Safety Town. He spoke to each class about emergencies and calling 9-1-1. He also talked about when it was inappropriate to call 9-1-1 and why. Hope showed the children the different "tools" he carries on his utility belt while covering gun safety. He told the children never to touch a gun, not to go with strangers, never answer a door when you don't know who is on the other side, and staying with their parent/guardian during Halloween trick-or-treating. The children were very excited to answer his questions and seemed to learn from the vital information he imparted.

The Prattville Fire Department were represented by Captain Allen Owens and several new recruits fresh out of the academy. They showed the students what a firefighter looks like when he goes to work. Another firefighter put on turnout gear to include an oxygen tank, mask, and helmet. Captain Owens told the children that if they saw a firefighter dressed this way they should go towards him and not hide from him because firefighters are their friends.

The photos in the gallery are of the classes of Ms. Youngblood, Ms. Lowe, and Ms. Fales.

Safety Town is a name given to an area, typically smaller in scale, that represents an actual town for the purpose of instructing children. Hands on training is offered of the many dangers present in the world beyond a child's home and yard.

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