Improvements Made to Soccer Fields

August 9, 2016

Moving from a lump sum budget to a line item budget has had significant impact on the way we do business here in our City departments. When a project comes in under budget, department heads are then able to utilize those leftover funds for something else that needs to be done.

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This was the case in Parks & Recreation recently. Parks & Rec Director Kellie Cook was able to use money saved in her departmental budget this year to install irrigation on soccer field 6 at Upper Kingston Park.

Soccer fields 1, 2 and 6 are game fields and the heaviest used. Two years ago, irrigation was installed on field 2. Last year, we were able to irrigate field 1 and presently, field 6. Adding irrigation to these fields greatly improves the surface that the kids are playing on and helps "cushion” any falls.

The Urban Management Division of was able to install the irrigation for Parks & Rec. This required approximately 80 man hours at a cost of $3,200 for materials. We estimated that hiring the job out to a contractor would have run the City approximately $10,000.

This is another fine example of interdepartmental teamwork as we are being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

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