Horticulture Gears Up for Arbor Day

February 14, 2011

The City of Prattville will observe Arbor Day on Tuesday, February 22nd, however, Horticulture began their work for the event today. The planting of five overcup oaks (Quercus lyrata Walt) donated by Plantation Tree Company had to be done ahead of time. Horticulture, with the assistance of the Street Department, had to bring the trees to the location on a lowboy trailer. They are about 1 foot in diameter and approximately 16 feet tall. A backhoe had to be used to dig the holes large enough for the root balls of these trees. Also, it was important to plant these trees early to give them time to root in the soil before presentation of Spring foliage.

arbor day free trees


The trees were planted parallel to the sidewalk on the Gray Price Bridge. They are located between the Community Gardens, managed by the Master Gardeners, and the bridge.


Overcup Oak trees will grow 1-2 feet per year resulting in a mature height of 45-70 feet tall with a 45-foot spread.

More Photos

The ceremonial planting was held at the Community Gardens located adjacent to the Autauga Prattville Public Library (254 Doster Street) at 10 a.m. on Arbor Day (February 22, 2011). Once again, the Alabama Forestry Commission generously provided over two thousand tree seedlings for free distribution at the event. Tree varieties available included bald cypress, beauty berry, chickasaw plum, chinese dogwood, crepe myrtle green ash japanese maple, oaks (live, nuttall, sawtooth and shumard), red bud, red maple, river birch, and white mulberry.

arbor day 2011-2
The City of Prattville Horticulture Division shown here with Brian Frederick of the
Alabama Forestry Commission, the Master Gardeners and Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr.

Mayor Gillespie reads his proclamation to those in attendance.

Mayor Gillespie presents the proclamation to City Horticulturist Ken Johnson.

arbor day 2011-66
City Horticulture Division staff with Mayor Gillespie.

Seedlings being handed out by Alabama Forestry and the Master Gardeners.

One of the beautiful overcup oaks planted at the location.