Doster Well Gets a Facelift

January 27, 2012

Several years ago, the Historic Prattville Redevelopment Authority had the wellhouse installed on Doster Road. It beautified the artesian well and its surroundings. They also set aside some funds for landscaping.

In the past couple weeks, the Urban Management Department has been working on this area. They cleared the area surrounding the wellhouse so that a fence could be installed along with plant beds. Once cleared, the area was tilled and topsoil was brought in to cover the hard clay, making it a more plant-friendly environment.


Deven Peek and Matt Morgan, both are Assistant Horticulturists with the City, designed the irrigation system and planting/landscaping, respectively. The irrigation was put in on Tuesday. Due to the rains, the rented trencher was not effective to complete the job so Engineering/Street Division employee David Gardner brought over a backhoe and assisted in digging the trenches. The irrigation was connected to a pre-existing meter for city water. It does not tap into the artesian well.


The plant material has now been placed in the beds. Weeping Yaupon were planted at either end, along with two varieties of day lilies (happy returns and petticoat), purple cone flower, coreopsis, dianthus, hostas and more. Beautiful fencing has been installed around the beds setting off not only the plants but also the wellhouse itself.

dosterwell01272012-2 1

Ray Thomas, John Deloit, James Headley, Gary French, Billy Allen and David Gardner worked alongside Matt and Deven to create this lovely atmosphere around the well, which as we all know is the reason why Prattville has been dubbed the Fountain City. We appreciate their hard work.


The Historic Prattville Redevelopment Authority takes on projects that enhance the historic district. They completely funded this project with their $2,500 donation.

"This has been a work in progress over a number of years. We're really happy that Ken Johnson and his staff have found the time to work this project into their already busy schedules," said Boo Rogers, HPRA Board member.

"I think that it's great that the City is working alongside an organization like HPRA who strives to educate our community and preserve our heritage," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie. "We have many other committees, boards and organizations that are doing worthwhile service in our community. I encourage anyone who can to please give back to our community by joining one of these efforts."

dosterwell01272012-13Looking at the creek and drainage beyond Doster Well. Mayor Gillespie asked Urban Management staff to put a 45 angle on the drainage from the artesian well. This will move the flow to the natural drain. It'll cost the City $5, help control erosion, and make the property more suitable for park use.

The Autauga Creek Improvement Committee (ACIC) has helped to take work off several City departments with all the work they have done to clear the creek of debris as well as the area behind the Doster well. Residents had complained about the activity in that area. With the work accomplished by ACIC, the area is opened up, highlights the natural beauty of the creek and prevents those kinds of activities from occurring.

ACIC's cleanup efforts are working to control the mosquito population (removal of items that have collected water prevents mosquitos from having areas to breed) as well as to increase access and amenities along Autauga Creek. This falls in line with the results of Project Prattville (our latest comprehensive plan for the City) in providing more green space for our residents.

If you would like more information about HPRA, please contact one of their Board members.