Did You Know? You Can Help Prevent Flash Flooding!

January 14, 2016

Urban Management crews maintain publicly-owned ditches, meaning we have an easement or right-of-way, throughout the City. Not all stormways are publicly-owned or maintained. A properly maintained stormway allows for proper flowing drainage during normal rainfall, as well as average storms. It becomes extremely important when we have tremendous amounts of rain in a short period of time like we experienced on Christmas Day.

Some stormways are open ditches and some are piped. Piped stormways have inlets on the streets as access points into which the water enters the pipe and leaves the street surface.

In order for the stormways to work properly, we need to make sure there is no debris in these areas. Generally, when we have experienced flooding, it has been due to household items ending up in the ditch or garbage that has been placed on the street before collection day washing down and blocking the inlet.

These items, which blocked a ditch, could've been placed on the street for Sanitation to collect.
*Note: unclaimed newspapers on the lawn or in the driveway frequently end up inside the inlet and thus cause blockages.

This is the result of blocked ditches and/or inlets.

Citizens can help us greatly by waiting to put your garbage and/or trash out on collection day as the ordinance requires. This will greatly reduce the number of inlet blockages we experience during heavy rains.

This tire was removed from one of our ditches. It caused a blockage, which affected proper drainage upstream from its location. Sanitation cannot pickup tires, but you can contact a local tire store for proper disposal.

City street sweepers are a significant part of this important maintenance process, too. They remove any small debris on the streets as they sweep.

We appreciate our hired lawn service businesses bagging clippings and disposing of them professionally, rather than blowing them into the street, which can clog storm drains.

We appreciate the hard work that Urban Management does in helping to keep storm water draining properly. Thank you in advance for helping us be more efficient and effective by following the suggestions noted above.