Dead Tree Removed at Pratt Park

March 27, 2014

The last thing we ever want to do is remove a tree, but when it becomes a hazard, we have no choice. Such was the case with the big tree by the pavilion in Pratt Park. It had begun to show serious signs of decay. Upon further inspection by our City Horticulturist and Parks Director, it was evident that is was in heavy decline due to heart rot. The top of the tree was completely hollowed out. It was taken down to prevent it from falling on the pavilion or the pool fence, which would have caused tremendous facility and financial damage to our park.

No matter how much we hate cutting a tree, once it is determined to be a safety hazard, we must take proactive measures to prevent harm to persons or property.

Showing the location of the tree and proximity to the pavilion.

Horticulturist Deven Peek showing the illness of the tree.


Showing the heart rot in a midsection of the tree. The top of the tree was completely hollowed out.