Crew Goes the Extra Mile for Honorary Crewmember Eli

August 21, 2015

Eli Sanitation08212015On August 3rd, we received a wonderful message from Mrs. Amelia Bishop regarding the Sanitation crew that services her neighborhood. She stated that on Mondays and Thursdays, this particular crew goes above and beyond to make every garbage collection day special for her grandson, Eli. He loves trucks and they honk, wave and generally make Eli feel like they are there just to see him. She wanted us to know how much she appreciates that extra kindness and exemplary service.

"We always want to provide our citizens with the best service possible," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "I'm especially proud of this crew for making Prattville look good. Our children are our future and their attention and kindness will encourage Eli and leave him with great memories of Sanitation and the City as a whole."

We wanted to do something special for Eli and this crew so the Mayor's Office coordinated a lunch at a local eatery today where the crew could just spend a little time with Eli. It was an excellent way to end the week!

Thank you, Mrs. Bishop, for not only praising our team, but also for sharing Eli with us as he is a tremendous blessing to us all! Thank you to John Smith, Richard Edwards and James Heath for going above and beyond to represent Sanitation, Public Works and the City of Prattville in the best possible light!


EliLunchSanitation08212015 1
Eli's Mom Jessica Carroll, Eli's Grandmother Mrs. Bishop, and Mayor Bill Gillespie.

Eli Sanitation08212015 7
Eli with John Smith...the Crew & Mayor's Office had a gift for Eli.

Eli Sanitation08212015 9
Eli with his Sanitation Crew...Richard Edwards, John Smith, and James Heath.

EliLunchSanitation08212015 4
(Back row, Left to right) Public Works Director Dale Gandy, Sanitation Crewmember James Heath, Sanitation Crewmember Jamal Pettaway, Sanitation Driver John Smith, Sanitation Crewmember Richard Edwards, Mayor's Executive Assistant Teresa Lee, Mayor's Administrative Assistant Lisa Byrd, Urban Management Foreman James Pickett, Eli's Grandmother Mrs. Bishop, Eli's Mom Jessica Carroll, Sanitaiton Superintendent Tracy Simpson. (Front row) Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr., and Eli Carroll.