City Receives ISO-2 Classification


CONTACT: Teresa Lee, or (334) 361-3649

August 31, 2012


In 2002, Prattville Fire Department raised its ISO classification from a rating of 4 to a rating of 2. This was validation of PFD's hard work and efforts to improve fire suppression services in the face of demands of a changing environment. ISO's Public Protection Classification Program plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies. With this classification change came better insurance rates for our residents.

During the period February 27th-29th, 2012, PFD went through another ISO (Insurance Services Office) Survey. During a survey, the fire department provides information on the number of firefighters on shift each day, the total number of hours training they receive as well as the type of training and the number calls the department responds too. They inspect the type and number of apparatus in service and in reserve as well as the required equipment on each apparatus. The number of stations and their locations in the community are mapped out to show the travel distance. Another key part of the survey is the department's training facility.

The ISO representative looks at the community as a whole. They focus on structures in the response area and square miles covered by the fire department. Particular emphasis is placed on multi-story structures.

In that Prattville's E-911 Communications Center and Prattville Water Works have significant roles in the fire department's response and ability to protect the community, ISO spends a lot of time looking at these areas as well.

PFD has now received the results of that survey. We are proud to announce that we have retained our ISO-2 Classification. PFD not only retained a rating of ISO-2, but they increased their grade percentage from 81.2% in 2002 to 83.76% in this August 2012 rating document. This has long-reaching positive effects on future economic development as well. When light industry is looking at a community for business location, ISO ratings are an important consideration in the decision process.

"I'm proud of my staff," stated Chief Terry Brown. "It takes a lot of hard work and coordination to keep our department managed at the level it takes to achieve and maintain this rating. We're ever ready to protect the citizens of this great community and look forward to future growth and the challenges it will bring."

"I just want to commend all the different agencies involved," said Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "This is truly a team effort and this team has been hard at work for the Partners of Prattville."