Chief Thompson returns to work after recovering from a heart attack.


For over 44 years, Chief Thompson has been on the responding end of answering emergency calls. On June 20, 2022, at 9:00 p.m., he was on the receiving end of those emergency calls when he required medical attention after suffering a severe heart attack.

They say time is of the essence, and in any medical emergency, it is everything! Within minutes of the call, the Prattville Fire Department and Prattville Police Department were on the scene. They swiftly moved into action to get Chief Thompson transported to Baptist South Hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Chief Thompson realized just how crucial the efficiency and promptness of the emergency first responders were to his recovery. He immediately underwent a stent procedure at Baptist South, revealing a 95% blockage of his left artery. "If not for the fast action taken by these medics, I wouldn't be here today. It's one thing to see these guys in action every day, but when it's you, you see things from a different perspective. You truly see how good they are at what they do," said Chief Thompson.

This week, Chief Thompson returns to work for full duty. "Carol and I are thankful to the Prattville Fire Department, PPD, Baptist South ER staff, and Dr. Wool for everything they have done for me, along with the overflowing of support from our community,” said Chief Thompson. Welcome Back, Chief!