Autauga Crimson Clover Enhances Roadways

March 12, 2012


The City of Prattville has recently been blessed with some beautiful, warm weather and bountiful precipitation. This change in climate has promoted early growth of our amazing Autauga Crimson Clover in the medians and on the shoulders of our roadways.

These beautiful redheads were developed here in our area. Their popularity can be seen all over the country because of its hardiness and good reseeding capability. The City of Prattville wants to ensure continued premium blooming in the years to come so we have to let the clover grow and complete its reproductive cycle by letting it “go to seed.” After the beautiful bloom heads are done, they must have time to develop and drop the seed. Our clover is not perennial, which means that it does not automatically come back year after year. It is dependent upon annual reseeding. If sufficient seeds are not produced in spring, then the following year less clover is produced. If this continues for several years then our clover show will diminish exponentially.

While we are allowing the clover to cycle, other grasses also start to grow. The City prides itself in its beautiful landscaping. During this time, we generally get a lot of inquiries about mowing. We are quickly coming up on the time when the highways and medians look a little out of control. Since 2002, we have extended the time that we start our mowing. In 2005, the City of Prattville put up signs around the city to show the areas that we are trying to enhance our clover production. While we are not putting out signage this year, we are asking for patience and understanding while we allow the seeds to mature.

We try to follow the same timetable used by the Alabama Department of Transportation when they are establishing start dates for mowing the interstates. This date is usually in the latter part of April, but we always begin cutting before CityFest.

Please support us in our effort to create the beautiful spring gateways into our City. Hopefully, if someone near you complains about how overgrown our highways are, you can tell them why and maybe they will in turn pass it on. Thank you, as always, for your support of our cost-saving and beautification projects!

If you have any questions, please contact Urban Management at (334) 358-3245.