Mayor Gillespie's Thanksgiving Message

November 20, 2015


Dear Partners of Prattville,

We recently celebrated Veterans Day. I’m proud of how many residents came to the event to show our military members how much we appreciate what they do in keeping us safe and free. From my vantage point, it seemed to be the largest crowd ever.

I am proud to note that Prattville is Small Town America, and isn’t it great? We have grown and have more amenities than ever, but we have not lost that small town feel. Our people are what make us great and as we move into this holiday season, I want to wish you and yours the best.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, a time to be grateful for all that we have been given over the past year. In that reflection, I have looked back over my messages to you since 2011. I’d like to update you on a few things.

I remain blessed with the most wonderful family for which a man could ask. My wife continues to be very understanding of me and only God knows why. My two children continue to provide me more joy than I ever imagined. Kendall is doing well and I am so proud of the woman she has become. Bobby has since married. He and Jennifer blessed our family with my first grandchild, Lucy, at the end of September. I truly have never been more proud, thankful and joyful.

My family and I will be out shopping locally this season and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all Prattville residents to do the same. The return on your investment will be evident in our community.

According to current statistics and accolades, we remain one of the safest communities in this area. We’ve been designated the #1 place to retire for golf lovers. We’re ranked the 2nd most business-friendly city in Alabama. We’re ranked the #4 best city in Alabama to raise a young family. We, as a community, have been blessed beyond our expectations. We have a dedicated Police Department whose mission is to be ever present, ever vigilant and to protect and serve. Chief Thompson and his team do a great job for the citizens of Prattville. We also have you, the citizens of Prattville, to thank. Your participation in our “see something, say something” campaign has assisted law enforcement tremendously and we thank you.

We have a dedicated Fire Department whose mission is to protect lives and property by preventing the occurrence and minimizing the effects of fire, sudden illness, accidents and disasters. Chief Brown and his team are considered some of the very best trained fire personnel in this state. They work hard to educate our residents, from the youngest to the eldest. With that said, please check your Christmas lights and make sure live trees stay hydrated.

Our Public Works Department and our Engineering Department provide superior service, many times behind the scenes. They keep us beautiful, environmentally sound and manage our assets. Our Quality of Life programs are in place to keep us active, provide programs and play spaces for all ages. General Government provides the administrative services that are so important in daily processes.

It takes every single employee in each of these areas to get the job done. I am very grateful for this exceptional workforce and the services they provide to you, our customers.

I want to personally thank those who will work over the Thanksgiving holiday: our Clean City Professionals (Sanitation crews and Street Sweepers), our Clean Water Professionals (Wastewater crews), our First Responders (Fire, Police, EMTs, Volunteer Fire and Ambulance services), medical staff and our caretakers in medical facilities, nursing homes, and private homes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you for the prayers, the support, the recommendations, the constructive criticism, and our friendship.

We live a blessed life here in Prattville, Alabama. God has blessed us with so many natural resources, our Southern hospitality, and just a natural love of life.

Please join me in praying for our troops in harms way. I thank God for all of you and I wish for you and yours the most joyous of Thanksgivings.


Bill Gillespie, Jr.

P.S. This letter was written the day before the terrorist attacks on Paris. While Prattville still retains its small town identity and charm, safety and security are foremost on our minds as we plan our events. Please join me in continuing to pray for Paris and the family and friends of those who perished, as well as those recovering from injuries. Vive La France! God Bless America!