Urban Management

Mission Statement
The mission of the Urban Management Division is to create safe, inviting and aesthetically pleasing environments in parks, common areas, right-of-ways, cemeteries, athletic facilities and other green spaces within the city limits of the City of Prattville in order to promote economic development and enhance the quality of life of our citizens.


This department was formed on April 5, 2011 to consolidate like personnel from several departments who perform like functions in an effort to streamline the process of managing city properties. Urban Management will accentuate the City of Prattville with Spring and Summer plantings, grass cutting, litter collection, ditch maintenance, "passive" parks (those not containing ball fields), medians, and right-of-way maintenance in an effort to keep our community attractive. In the Fall and Winter months, employees will work to raise the aesthetics in passive parks, provide seasonal decorating services, and work in the greenhouse to produce plant material for the upcoming season.


In 2014, Urban Management was placed, as a division, under the Public Works Department.


(This map shows the properties maintained by part of the division before the reorganization and is currently being updated to include all properties maintained by this new department. We will post it as soon as it is ready. Click map for larger view. Once it opens, you may continue to adjust the size within your browser.)

Contact Info:
530 Doster Road
Prattville, AL 36067


Mailing Address:
101 West Main Street
Prattville, AL 36067


Division Superintendent:
Chris Wood, Email