Geographic Information Systems

The Planning Department employs a geographic information systems coordinator. The GIS Coordinator collects and maintains all data important to the facilitation of several city departments and displays it in ways that assist in improved facilitation of local government and department endeavors. It is this coordinator's responsibility to provide the following:

  • Geographic and spatial distribution information to any city department in need of viewing their data on a map or in various other unique formats, as well as affiliated entities such as Engineering Firms, and Contractors.
  • Aerial photography and topographic information. Topography is the study of the Earths terrain and usually is better known for the representation of height above or below sea level.
  • Address range information based on street segments throughout Prattville and Autauga County to Emergency 911 for use in dispatch and location interpretation. Able to locate individual addresses by placing a computer generated dot on the plasma screen map display in the dispatch center indicating the origin of a call placed to 911. On all major roadways throughout Autauga County, able to represent specific location based on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) referenced mile markers.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) referenced fire hydrants to aid the Fire Department their bi-annual hydrant test flow. This assists them by enabling fire fighters to keep better records, not leave one hydrant unaccounted for, and not have to wander aimlessly in search of a hydrant that may be covered by vegetation over-growth; or have been moved due to road construction.
  • Aerial photo interpretation to the Prattville Police Department through the use of GIS software. They can receive 2000 ft. radius maps centered around convicted sex offender residences to insure that these individuals that pose a threat to society are kept at a minimum legal distance limit away from all children’s facilities.
  • Geo-referenced scanned images of plats, blueprints, and architectural layouts displayed against a backdrop of various GIS files such as streets, and tax parcels, as well as aerial photography.

The following information can be obtained by the public from the Planning Department: aerial photography and topography of property, distance from specific landmarks, city council district and councilman information, location in relation to city limits, park location information, maps, data CD’s and DVD’s.

You can also visit the State of Alabama Geological Survey website. By entering “Prattville” in the search box on the webpage, you can view a map of the city of Prattville with updated street coverage and city limit area. The public can also access the GIS Coordinator’s metadata to view GIS information that is available for distribution.

For further information, please contact the GIS Coordinator, Shelby Hutcheson, at