Contact Info.
101 West Main Street
Prattville, Al 36067


Accounts Payable:


Business Licenses:




Yard Sale Permits:


8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday
Closed holidays.


Finance Director:
Daniel Oakley

Mission Statement
Our mission is to foster a sense of cooperation with both City of Prattville departments and customers of the City of Prattville in carrying out receipting, expending, and accounting for city funds.


We will do this by:


  • Providing accurate, complete and timely information regarding the City's financial condition and transactions
  • Providing administrative services to other City departments to obtain the supplies, equipment, and services they need
  • Executing procedures for the timely payment of all properly documented City liabilities which ensures compliance with all legal requirements
  • Maintaining a commitment to a high level of personal productivity and a continuous pursuit of the means for improving the Department's procedures and achieving significant personal satisfaction in the staff's professional roles
  • Maintaining knowledge of current laws, regulations, and requirements through active participation in professional organizations and through maintenance of related professional certifications. This knowledge will used to administer the laws, regulations and requirements in an efficient and equitable manner.


The Finance Department is responsible for the fiscal management of the City of Prattville. Under the direction of the Finance Director, the department issues business licenses and yard sale permits, collects revenues, pays bills incurred by City Departments.


The Finance Department is responsible for all financial services required by the entire City government-measuring and reporting on financial position, financial stability, liquidity and growth, projecting and managing revenues, projecting and monitoring expenditures and planning for the short and long term financial needs of the City.


Additionally, the Finance Department is responsible for managing the City debt and providing accurate, relevant financial/operation information to the various departments. The Department also serves the needs of the Mayor, City Council and general public. It operates under established management principles and adheres to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).


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