National Safety Council Driver Improvement: Accepted in most states for point or insurance reductions, this class addresses current driving issues as well as basic defensive driving principals. This course is only available through approved NSC training agencies, and is taught in one 4-hour meeting. Cost is $30, which includes materials.

Anger Management: This course was designed to reduce incidents of violence in the community. More than 500 participants have completed the course which has been in place in the City of Prattville for four years. The course is 12 hours long and is divided into four 3-hour sessions-- Understanding the Problem, Relationship Building/Communication Skills, Coming to Terms With Anger and Stress, and Conflict Resolution. After completion of the formal program, participants attend follow-up sessions for a minimum of six months. The cost of the course is based upon a sliding fee scale.

DUI Schools: MACRP, through contract with the Administrative Office of Courts, accepts both local, inter- and intra-state transfers for completion of the DUI schools. Both levels require an evaluation by a state-certified CRO prior to course entry. Fees are set by the Chief Justice.

LEVEL 1- This 12-hour substance abuse program is appropriate for the non-problematic substance abuser. Sessions include orientation to the substance abuse problem, physical, physiological and sociological effects of alcohol and drugs, legal aspects of drinking/drugging and driving, addiction and community resources. State-mandated fee is $115.

LEVEL 2 - This 28-hour course covers information in Level 1, as well as focusing on guilt, poor self esteem, decision making, alternatives to alcohol/drug use, and anger. Students are also introduced to self-help groups, family dynamic issues and relapse prevention strategies. State-mandated fee is $250.

LEVEL 3 - Referrals are made to Department of Mental Health for outpatient, day treatment, inpatient or halfway house.

Shoplifting Prevention: Annually, businesses lose $12-$15 billion to shoplifters. This course is designed to supplement other judicial sanctions. A national study shows that only 5% of those completing a shoplifting prevention course repeat their crime.

Prattville Community Enrichment Center (PCEC)
Satellite Office of Montgomery Area Court Referral (MACRP)

163 E. Main Street
Prattville, Alabama 36067
(334) 361-2911
(Court Referred Alcohol, Drug, Theft Intervention, Defensive Driving and Anger Management Programs are held at this facility) Other services are provided such as drug testing. Upon contacting PCEC, other services can be discussed in depth and information concerning other programs can be obtained. PCEC accepts MONEY ORDERS ONLY.

Defensive Driving School - $40.00
Prattville Drug and Alcohol Program - $60.00
Theft of Property Intervention Program - $100.00
Level One - $125.00 + $20.00 Book Fee ($145.00)
Level Two - $265.00 + $30.00 Book Fee ($295.00)
Anger Management - $150.00
Youth Education Program - $115.00
Youth Skills Program - $150.00