City Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery – 310 Wetumpka Street
Chapman Cemetery – 450 Water Street

Funerals and Placement of Markers and Memorials

The following procedures will be followed by funeral directors conducting burials and services in the two city cemeteries and by memorial companies placing monuments.


Burials may be conducted after notifying the Mayor's Office. Funeral directors, family or other responsible parties will contact the department to verify burial rights and location. Grave locations will be ground verified and marked by the department and written confirmation returned to the requesting party. (Reference City of Prattville Code of Ordinances, Section 14-1.)

Please contact Taylor Stewart at 334-595-0107 or email  for cemetery lot sales, deed verification, grave marking and other questions. (Our fax line is (334) 361-3608.) The Mayor's Office is located at 101 West Main Street. The department's hours of operation are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

The City of Prattville should be notified of planned burials as soon as practical using the Interment Location Form. The form may be submitted in person or by e-mail. The form acknowledging the service date and time and providing grave marking confirmation will be returned to the submitting party.

Grave Marking - Burial

Following receipt of a burial request, marking fee, and verification of ownership, the proper cemetery lot will be marked by city personnel. A representative from the funeral home or the deceased's family may meet with the city personnel at the Mayor's Office or the cemetery to concur with the location. Lots will be marked in the following manner:

  1. Marking flags at the four corners of the lot (colors may vary, but will be noted on the marking confirmation)
  2. All four corners will be bracketed with white marking paint
  3. The name of the deceased will be painted on ground in the center of the lot.

After lots are verified and marked, confirmation will be returned to the requesting party and the funeral director using the Marker Location Form. Graves should not be dug until marking confirmation is received from the City of Prattville.

Memorials and Monuments

Memorials and monuments may not be placed in a City of Prattville cemetery without notifying the Mayor's Office, obtaining written permission, and paying the required $100 marking fee. Contact the Mayor's Office at the numbers listed on this page to obtain permission. (Reference City of Prattville Code of Ordinances, Section 14-5.)

After Hours Contacts

If services or information are required after hours or on the weekends, please contact the following personnel in the order listed. Every effort will be made to accommodate after hours requests.

  1. Mayor Bill Gillespie: 334-391-3948, 334-595-0101 or
  2. Police Department Desk Sergeant: 334-595-0208

General Question or Concerns

General question, comments or concerns about Oak Hill Cemetery or Chapman Cemetery should be directed to the Mayor's Office at the contact numbers listed above.