Employment Demographics

Employment/Labor Force Overview
Prattville, Alabama is the county seat of Autauga County, population 51,326 with an estimated labor force of 24,908. The community sits within the Montgomery Metropolitan Statistical Area, which spans four counties with a combined labor force of about 173,726. Over the last five years, Prattville has added over four hundred motel rooms and issued one hundred and fifty four commercial business permits. Our crime rate remains very low and consumer surveys point to an overall feeling of neighborhood and community safety.

An April 1999 study of the area's work force by The Pathfinders concludes that about 34,000 workers are underemployed. That means they would take a better job if the opportunity presented itself. About 25 percent of the underemployed have some college experience and 18 percent have a college degree. More than 25 percent commute 20 miles or farther to work.

Commuting patterns show that more than half the labor force of Autauga County leaves the county on a daily basis, with a majority going to neighboring Montgomery County for jobs.

Conclusion: "If this workforce assessment were conducted for a corporate client considering the Montgomery/Central Alabama area among other candidates as a location, The Pathfinders would assure the client that there is a balanced pool of labor which has the necessary skills and experience and is competitively priced."