Training Exercise Will Simulate Disaster




November 3, 2014


PRATTVILLE- Tenaska's electric generating plants near Billingsley will be the site of an emergency response training exercise on Saturday, November 8th, 2014.

People living or traveling near the plant may see emergency vehicles and hear sirens, but should not be alarmed. Local emergency responders will make the training exercise as realistic as possible.

Participants include Autauga County Sheriff's department, the volunteer fire departments of Billingsley, White City, and Independence; also, Autauga Emergency Communication Center (E-911), and the Autauga County Emergency Management Agency.

"It is unlikely that there will ever be a large-scale emergency at our plant," said Robert D. Threlkeld, Tenaska's plant manager. "Still, Tenaska is committed to training and preparing our fire and rescue personnel to respond appropriately and to know the best way to perform their jobs."

Participating emergency responders will train on operating under a unified command system, communications, and securing the scene.


Contact: Kristen Morgan, Public Information Officer, 361-3758