Retired ambulance gets new makeover.

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In the fall of 2019, the Prattville Fire Department retired and donated a 2006 F450 Ambulance to the Urban Management Division after purchasing a new 2019 Ford Type 1 Ambulance for Fire Station 3. 
The Urban Management Division transformed the 2006 ambulance into a new irrigation truck for its crews. A colorful landscape wrap and logo replaced the recognizable fire engine red on the exterior, while the interior was stripped and modified for irrigation tools and equipment. 
However, this isn't the first time that the city has repurposed city vehicles. In 2013, the Engineering Department converted a retired 1986 Ford 9000 fire truck into a dump truck. 
"This project is all about teamwork and utilizing city resources to the fullest. Our departments do a great job of working together to find unique ways to assist each other and be more efficient and effective. Repurposing this ambulance provides a dry area to store equipment and creates a safer space to work on the job site.", Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr.