USDA/APHIS Using Helicopters to Drop Rabies Vaccine

October 1, 2012

USDA/APHIS Wildlife Biologist Dana Johnson informed us this morning that helicopters will be utilized to drop packets of rabies vaccine over parts of Autauga and Elmore Counties this week to fight the westward spread of the rabies virus. There were only two confirmed cases of rabies last year, which is much better than the year before when they had 15 confirmed cases. While predominantly an issue with the raccoon population, it has been known to be found in the fox population, although these cases are rare.

Johnson said that the air-dropped vaccine will be wrapped in fishmeal, so they bite into them, it will break pouches that contain the vaccine. The vaccine isn't dangerous to pets if they ingest the bait. If you come into contact with the packet, just place them in a wooded area and wash your hands.

If you see wildlife that seems sick or is acting abnormally, contact Johnson at 334-844-8029. Any wild animal that allows you to approach it should raise an alarm.