Public Works Building...A Work in Progress

May 31, 2017

This is the first of several articles regarding the changes at the Public Works Yard on Doster Road, as well as the construction of a new facility for that department. This is a "pay-as-you-go" project, meaning that it will be budgeted and funded without loans.

To understand the enormity and importance of this project, you must go back in history a few years. "The Yard" was the very first site to be used as a sewage treatment plant in Prattville. This was accomplished in 1959, which is about the time that Prattville acquired it from the National Guard. The plant remained there until the Autauga Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant went online in 1980 and 1981, respectively. The Yard was also the location of the old dog pound, which was demolished in April of this year for a nominal cost of $2,000.


Vehicle Maintenance has been a staple to this yard. A lot of improvements have been made over the years, from simply organizing equipment differently to installing a vehicle washing station, which feeds into the sanitary sewer system in order to keep run off away from the creek.

Engineering's Street Division was housed there until September 2014. They relocated their staff and equipment so that Sanitation could move their equipment and staff onto the Public Works Yard, which occurred in December 2014. The Wastewater Street Crew moved onto The Yard in mid-2015. This consolidated most Public Works staff into one location, with the exception of Wastewater crews at the plants and Urban Management, which is housed on Ridgewood Road where they have the greenhouse and room for all their equipment.

The long building on the south-side of The Yard houses Sanitation and Facilities Maintenance staff. That building is made of tin and is 40 years old. One utility shed houses management for Sanitation, Facilities Maintenance, and the Wastewater Street Crew. Another utility shed houses our Public Works Director, his secretary and the Assistant Public Works Director/Stormwater Management Coordinator. These portable utility sheds were installed in the 80s. All should be and will be removed when the Public Works Building is fully constructed.

The old fencing has been removed, along with weeds and shrubbery. The area was dug out, leveled and built up with good soil. A storm drain box was installed, as was curb and gutter along with sidewalks. Paving has been accomplished around the site in preparation for building.

IMG 6189
Removing fence and bushes.

IMG 6198
Digging out site.

IMG 6280Bringing in new dirt.

IMG 6310
Establishing driveway around building site.

IMG 6335
Installing storm drain.

IMG 6413
Prep work for new fencing.

IMG 6415
Installing new fence posts.

IMG 6427
Installation of new curbing.

IMG 6430
New fencing installed.

IMG 6689.JPG
Newly installed pavement.

When this project was bid the first time, it came back way over budget. We rejected that bid and split the project into two phases. All of the site work came to $136,996.10. The actual building will cost us $427,000. This brings the total to $563,996.10, which realized a cost savings of $93,389.73.

Public Works Building rendering.