August 23, 2018


FROM: Allen Owens, Assistant Fire Chief
            201 Gin Shop Hill Road, Prattville, Alabama


The City of Prattville Fire Department Earns ISO Class 1 Community Rating

The City of Prattville has achieved the distinction of earning a Class 1 Public Protection Classification rating by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), an organization that independently evaluates municipal fire protection efforts in communities across the United States. The City of Prattville is now the 11th community in the State of Alabama with a Class 1 rating, and this classification has been obtained by less than 1% of fire departments nationwide. Fire Chief Terry Brown states that, “The City of Prattville’s Class 1 rating reflects the hard work and dedication of the employees of the Prattville Fire Department and their commitment to save lives and property.” The new rating will go into effect on September 1, 2018. The Prattville Fire Department will hold a press conference on August 27th at 9:00 a.m. at the Public Safety Building located at 201 Gin Shop Hill Road, Prattville, Alabama to announce this new ISO rating.

The ISO currently assesses over 30,000 departments across the United States. Fire departments are graded based on standards set forth by the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) which considers three area of a city’s fire suppression capabilities including: Emergency Dispatch and Communications, the Fire Department, and Water Supply. Another key element to the Class 1 rating is the City’s Fire Safety Education which serves to reduce losses through fire prevention, public safety education, and fire investigations. During the rating period, the department was evaluated on Response Capabilities, which includes staffing of firefighters on Engine and Ladder Companies, Fire Station Distribution, Apparatus and Equipment, Training, Water Supply, Organizational Structure, Communications, and Building Codes. According to ISO, a community’s investment in firefighting services is a good indicator of future fire losses as communities with excellent fire protection can expect less property damage and higher survival rates. Homeowners may see a reduction in premiums and commercial buildings for fire loss when comparing an ISO classification of an ISO 1 to an ISO 2.

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