Pine Creek WW Treatment Plant Expansion...Where Are We?

April 19, 2017

In February 2016, we published an article, "Wastewater...Past, Present & Future", to set the stage for a huge plant expansion project. As noted in that article, we have experienced vast growth in east Prattville. With this growth, we also noted that the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was approaching capacity. This project will increase capacity from 3 million gallons per day to 5.7 million gallons per day, which takes into account 30 years' worth of projected growth east of US Highway 31.

The engineering plan for this proposed expansion and upgrade was $1,177,000 and was approved by Council on January 19, 2016. A cost of service study was also accomplished and that is available for review in the article referenced above.

It has since taken us 15-16 months to accomplish the engineering and design phase of the project.

As we approach the bidding process, there are several important steps we must take. Tuesday, April 25th is the deadline for bidders to submit pre-qualification requirements, which have been advertised in Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery and Prattville. Once the pre-qualification process for bidders has been completed, we will have singled out those contractors who are qualified for a project of this magnitude. On May 9th, a public meeting will be held in City Hall. It will not be a public hearing, but an opportunity for citizens to ask questions of Wastewater personnel. The mandatory contractor pre-bid meeting will be conducted on Tuesday, May 25th at the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. This forces a site visit so that we can talk through some of the unique sequencing required for this project.

A public bid opening will be held on June 8th. We have estimated that construction will take 39-40 months. We look forward to opening the bids and the contractor chosen would start 90 days after Council awards the bid.

As an aside, we've hired a Municipal Financial Consultant to strategically plan funding for this project that could run $27-32 million. We won't know the final price tag until the bid opening. At that point, this financial consultant will have us ready for Alabama Department of Environmental Management State Revolving Fund financing, as well as a municipal bond for the remaining dollars needed.

As we move forward, we will continue to keep our residents informed. While the bulk of this project will not be seen above ground, it has been noted that it is vital for growth management.

We continue to look at more innovative ideas to realize cost savings and improve efficiency...stay tuned!