Mayor Issues Fitness Challenge to Residents of Prattville


CONTACT: Teresa Lee, or (334) 361-3649

December 27, 2012

During Mayor Gillespie's administration, he has promoted health and wellness throughout our community. We have approached health and wellness with fun in mind through events such as National Kids to Parks Day and Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play. These types of events not only engage our youth, but also their parents as we strive to make healthy activity a daily part of our lives here in the City of Prattville.

We have added a "Health & Wellness" menu to the Residents section of our city website (, which includes tips to eating better, bike routes and fitness trails/routes.

Taking this initiative a step further, we have launched the "Mayor's Fitness Challenge" to bring our citizens together to get healthy and fit in the coming year. We have created a Facebook page for this challenge and are providing tips, a place for people to congregate and get encouragement, resources, and ideas that work. We will include fitness-related events and have also linked a Pinterest health and fitness board to the Facebook page.

"Focusing on health and wellness is significant because it affects us in our daily life," said Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "A physically and mentally fit community is attractive to prospective employers of this region. It creates a more tight-knit community and strengthens the family unit. Please join me in this challenge and submit any ideas or challenges you might have."

We are issuing an invitation to area businesses to get involved. We challenge each of you to come up with some healthy menu options, post on our Facebook page and engage our citizenry. We want all of our Partners of Prattville to get involved for optimum success!

Set your goals for the new year, bring them to the Mayor's Fitness Challenge page on Facebook and let's see how much we can all achieve by May 18th, this year's National Kids to Park Day!