Mayor Gillespie's New Year's Message

December 29, 2017

Dear Friends, Fellow Employees and Partners of Prattville,

As I reflect back over 2017, I realize just how blessed we are in the City of Prattville. Our employees, the heavy lifters of this mechanized service-oriented organization, continue to maintain the foundation of the City of Prattville. Each year I see everyone evolve and stay committed to making Prattville “The Preferred Community.” Without their constant devotion to their careers and the citizens of Prattville, we would not be moving forward at such a rapid rate. The team unity that our employees exemplify allows for projects and community initiatives to come to fruition. As we move forward as a team in 2018, always remember no one person can do everything, but one person can make a difference. I want to personally thank our dedicated employees for their hard work, leadership, and loyalty to The Preferred Community.

Our business Partners of Prattville, both new and longstanding, remain committed to and invested in our city. These partnerships continue to move Prattville forward and enhance our opportunities and quality of life. I cannot begin to express how important it is to have these community partnerships. As Prattville continues to grow, the loyal business Partners of Prattville will continue to be a major part of the lure to our city. Marketing our city is truly an honor, as we are blessed throughout the entire city with premium partnerships. I want to thank you for being a Partner of Prattville and continuing to make Prattville your home.

We have truly had a positive and productive 2017. As we move into 2018, progress in Prattville will be evident with the more than 290 million dollars of economic development investments committed in 2017. Employment opportunities will be expanding with over 350 jobs from these investments. The city/county partnership is a key factor in economic development opportunities and investments in our community. It is apparent that our city is beloved by many as we continue to see projects evolve within the City of Prattville.

To our citizens: thank you! We have friends, we have family, and then we have Prattville where our friends become our family. During this Christmas season, I heard so many compliments about our city and the decorations. “Our city looks like the cover of a Hallmark card” is just one of the compliments that stuck out to me this season. We are blessed to have good people and funding to provide this quality of life enhancement to our city. I hope you will take the time to visit our new Public Works Building this year. It was an honor to cut the ribbon for this debt-free building last week. A sound infrastructure is a priority for me, and the opening of this building positions the Public Works Department under one roof to have an efficient and effective environment for day to day operations.

Lastly, I am truly humbled and honored by your support and friendship while serving as your Mayor. As we walk in the footprints of Daniel Pratt, I am sure he would be gratified by the progress in Prattville that continues to enhance his legacy. I look forward to 2018 with abundant optimism, as this is truly an exciting time for the City of Prattville. I hope you have a healthy and prosperous New Year and enjoy this season with your Faith, Family, and Friends.

Your public servant and friend,


Bill Gillespie, Jr.