Fire Department Invites Public to Demonstration

pfd-logoContact: Assistant Chief Dallis Johnson, 334-361-3273

Side-by-Side Fires to be set by Prattville Fire Department
To Help Firefighters and Residents Understand Risks and Home Safety Technology

The Prattville Fire Department will intentionally light two fires in front of a live audience on October 24th at Home Depot in Prattville. Our Life Safety Trailer will be on site for children of all ages to learn home fire safety from 10 until 11am. Starting at 11am, a live fire demonstration will be conducted to show how homeowners can better protect their property and increase their chances of surviving a house fire with a residential fire sprinkler system. With our side-by-side comparison, we can show both the danger of fire and the value of having a fire sprinkler system and smoke alarms installed. This dramatic form of education has become increasingly popular with fire departments across the country. The Prattville Fire Department will have firefighters and fire trucks on hand as well. The event will include a presentation covering the dynamics that vividly shows the tremendous speed of a typical home fire and its potential for deadly destruction.

This demonstration is open to the public.

Information on residential fire sprinklers:

  • Fire sprinklers are supplied by household water. Just like ordinary plumbing, sprinkler system piping is hidden behind walls and ceilings.
  • Only the sprinkler head closest to the fire goes off. They are activated only by the high temperature of a fire – typically between 135°-165°F. The sprinkler heads in the other rooms do not flow water.
  • Smoke alarms from burned toast or other smoke cannot set off a sprinkler.
  • Sprinklers are designed to flow between 10-25 gallons of water per minute. That’s about 10-15 times less water flow than fire department hoses, and under far less pressure.
  • By operating while a fire is still small, a sprinkler controls or extinguishes a fire, slowing the spread of poisonous smoke and deadly heat.
  • This fast and effective action gives family members more time to get out safely, saving lives and property.
  • The sprinkler confines the fire damage so that surrounding rooms are protected, saving valuables.

Free information is available about home fire sprinklers from HFSC’s Web site. Visit to learn more about this life-saving technology and to see video clips and animations that answer common questions. You can even read about real-life fires where sprinklers saved lives.

The Prattville Fire Department is proud to work in partnership with Jefferson State Community College “Safe Home Alabama.” If you’re building a new home, renovating or thinking of buying, take a few minutes to learn how you can add this life-saving fire safety option.