City Partners with Joy to Life for Pink Cans in Prattville!


CONTACT:  Lisa Byrd, or (334) 595-0103

May 17, 2016


PinkGarbageCanPink cans are now available in Prattville! Joy to Life Foundation and The City of Prattville’s Sanitation Department have partnered together and are thrilled to announce this exciting opportunity! Please join Joy and Dickie Blondheim and the JTL staff and Mayor Bill Gillespie and his staff as they announce this great opportunity for the people of Prattville to get PINK CANS!

From Joy Blondheim: “We are so happy to partner with Mayor Gillespie and his wonderful staff. These cans help spread awareness for breast cancer and raise funds to help the women and men in ALABAMA get the help they need. Our motto is LIVE HERE-GIVE HERE, and we can’t wait to see pink cans helping fight breast cancer in Prattville, AL!”

Looking for a unique way to show your support in the fight against breast cancer? How about a 96-gallon Joy to Life PINK garbage can? Each Joy to Life pink garbage can is $85 (one time cost) and is your personal property (not a rental).

Currently the Joy to Life Pink Garbage Cans are only delivered (not shipped) to addresses within the city limits of Prattville, Alabama. Once your can is delivered, your garbage service will be a once a week can pickup.

After your order is processed, a Joy to Life pink garbage can will be delivered by the City of Prattville Sanitation Department. Please enter your delivery address in the shipping address section at checkout.

Residents outside the city limits of Prattville may purchase a can, however, you will have to arrange pickup of said can from the Prattville Sanitation Department at (334) 595-0888 and service with your provider.

Once you have your pink garbage can, simply place it at the street for service and the City of Prattville will collect it on your scheduled day. If you currently have a City-issued can, it will be replaced with the Joy to Life pink can unless you request to receive a two (2) can service at the cost of an additional $10.00 per month.

Order your Pink Can here!


About Joy to Life Foundation:
The Joy to Life Foundation has a simple mission: provide free mammograms and other breast cancer screenings when necessary to medically underserved women in Alabama, provide limited grants when needed, build and support breast cancer awareness among all Alabamians, and promote over-all health, well-being, and education throughout the state.

Since being founded in 2001 by breast cancer survivor Joy Blondheim and her husband, Dickie, over 15,000 mammograms have been provided with hundreds of women successfully treated! These numbers change daily.