City Opens Test Satellite Site for Recycling


CONTACT: Teresa Lee, or (334) 361-3649

December 7, 2012

In order to better serve the citizens of Prattville, we have opened a test satellite site for recycling in the east end of the City. This idea came out of our Citizen Recycling Committee and will allow City officials to gauge participation for future recycling program needs.

"We've had numerous inquiries over the past few months for more recycling options," said Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "We hope this will make recycling more convenient to the residents in the east side of Prattville. This is one step in helping to reduce sanitation costs because when you actively recycle, you generate less actual garbage for our crews to collect."

These recycling bins have been placed in the parking lot at Fire Station 3, 1904 Briarwood Street, which is located behind Wal-Mart. These bins will be open to the public during daylight hours, every day of the week. Citizens may drop off paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel or tin cans, and plastic (recycling codes 1 & 2).

Recycling Center 2
1904 Briarwood Street
Open daily during daylight hours

If you would like to get involved with the Citizen Recycling Committee, contact Teresa Lee at or (334) 361-3649.