City of Prattville Fills Chief Positions


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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

During the City Council meeting on September 6th, Mayor Bill Gillespie submitted his choices for appointment to the Police and Fire Chief positions.

After going into executive session to discuss the good name and character of those individuals, the Prattville City Council voted to appoint Terry Brown as Fire Chief and Tim Huggins as Police Chief.

Chief Terry Brown has been with the Prattville Fire Department for 24+ years. He moved through the ranks in the fire department achieving the positions of Fire Marshal and most recently Deputy Fire Chief.

“It’s been 24 years of nothing but a great job and career. The job is ranked 3rd in my life…God and family being the first two in my list of priorities. I feel truly honored to be appointed Fire Chief of the City of Prattville and am thankful of the confidence the Mayor and Council have placed in me. The City of Prattville has an excellent Fire Department; it’s an easy job when you command excellence,” said Fire Chief Terry Brown. “I thank my wife, Karen, and my sons, Hunter and Connor, for their support of me all these years.”

Chief Tim Huggins has been with the Prattville Police Department for 26+ years. Huggins also moved through the ranks within the police department and prior to his appointment was the Captain in charge of the Investigations Division.

“I would like to express my appreciation to the Mayor and the City Council for having the confidence in me to appoint me as Chief of Police, but I especially owe my thanks to God and my family,” said Chief Tim Huggins. “I would also like to thank the members of our community for the overwhelming support they have expressed since this process began. We have many hard working, dedicated men and women who are the foundation and backbone of this department. It has been said that the home is where the heart is. This department is home to many hard working employees and that is because they pour their hearts into everything they do. That is why I am honored to be a member of the Prattville Police Department and to proudly represent them as their Chief. I love this department and have a great respect for the community and the citizens who live and work here. Our goal will be to continue to offer the highest standard of professional services and to assure the safe and peaceful existence to all who live, work, and shop in the City of Prattville.”

“Terry and Tim have been in the mix for the last 6 months. They’ve done a great job of leading these departments during difficult times,” stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. “I look forward to working with both of them in the months ahead and feel assured they will represent the City of Prattville well.”

The City Council, Mayor Gillespie and the City of Prattville employees all congratulate Chiefs Tim Huggins and Terry Brown on their appointments. We wish them much success during their tenure as City department heads.