Autauga Creek Bank Stabilization Continues

July 11, 2019




With the success of the previous Flexamat® installation on the Autauga Creek bank, the City of Prattville partnered again with Mid-South RC&D Council to continue the stabilization of the creek bank. The City of Prattville’s Engineering Department recently installed 24 rolls of 8’x30’ Flexamat® along the south side of the Autauga Creek bank on Maple Street. This project connected to the previous Flexamat® application in 2017 (

The addition of 5760sqft of Flexamat® will further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Urban Management Division of the Public Works Department. The strategic east to west placement of the Flexamat® along the outer creek bank will allow automation for mowing and decrease the amount of weed eating needed in this area. The sidearm will now be able to cut along the creek bank, and this will be a much safer and faster form of maintenance. 

This project would not have been possible without the partnership with Mid-South RC&D Council. The City of Prattville was awarded $20,000 in grant funding from Mid-South RC&D Council to fund this project. We would like to thank Mid-South RC&D Council for their continued support of the City of Prattville and the stabilization of the Autauga Creek bank.