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Prattville Announces Cast for Elf—The Musical!

Prattville’s Way Off Broadway Theatre is excited to announce its production of Elf—The MusicalDecember 5 through 15, 2019.  This production is made possible by special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI) and will be directed by Pamela Trammell.

Ms. Trammell has chosen a very talented group of actors for this play, with Caleb McQueen playing the lead role of Buddy the Elf.  Jason Forcey and Tammy Fine will play Santa and Mrs. Claus. Others in the cast include Alex Simpler, Cate Barlow, Libbie Craft, Avery Jones, Shauna Hunter, Amela Turner, Pratt Weedon, Jane Forcey, Ella Forcey, Violet Forcey, Kamryn Cord, Griffin Isbell, Bryleigh Ledbetter, Gavin Mead, as Elves, with Noah Whaley as Charlie and Jocelyn Ziglar as Shawanda.  The Hobbs family will be played by Will Skelton as Walter Hobbs, Jeanice Harrison as Emily Hobbs (Catherine Barlow understudy), and Reese Lemaster as Michael Hobbs. M.E. Grace Shuemake will join in as Jovie, Joseph McDonald as Sam, Kameryn Ballard as Deb, Tanner Parrish as the Manager, Maggie Kervin as Macy’s Saleswoman (understudy Gabby Bonebrake), Amelia Robbins as Charlotte Dennon (understudy Abigail Bonebrake), Jason Forecey as the Security Guard, Jocelyn Ziglar as Jenn, Patrick McDonald as Macy’s Santa.  Helpers for Macy’s Santa will be played by Addie Barnes, Katelyn DeKruyff, Ava Mead, Jenna Forcey, and Addison Taylor.  Other members of the cast are Abigail Bonebrake as the Policewoman, Jason Forcey as the Policeman, Brian DeKruyff as Mr. Greenway, Joyce Carson and Mackenzie as Chadwick and Matthews, Joyce Carlson as Emma Van Brocklin, Pratt Weedon as the boy with rage issues and Emily Pearson as his mother, Abigail Bonebrake, Emily Pearson, Addie Barnes, Maggie Kervin, Gabby Bonebrake and Noah Whaley as the office staff.  Other ensemble players are Will Craft, Edith Tulibagenyi, Mary Virginia Penton, and Leila Harrison.  


Prattville Announces for Little Women!

Prattville’s Way Off Broadway Theatre is pleased to announce its production of Little Women opening February 13, 2020, and running through March 1. This play, directed by Patrick McDonald, is adapted by Scott Davidson from Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel and produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services, Inc.

Congratulations to all members of this wonderful cast:

Emma Crockett as Meg March

Kerra Johnson as Jo March (objective)

Grace O’Riley as Jo March (subjective)

Rebecca Schannep as Beth March

Mackenzie Skelton as Amy March

Anie’ah Rawlinson as Hannah Mullett

Pamela Barnes as Marmee (Mrs. March)

Teri Sweeney as Aunt March

Bethany Gunter as Mrs. Gardener

Kenna Shields as Sallie Gardener

Kaylee Holmes as Annie Moffat

Emme Parker as Belle Moffat

Tanner Parrish as Theodore Laurence

Noah DePace as John Brooke

Will Skelton as Mr. March