Telephone numbers for the City of Prattville can be found in both the white and blue pages of the telephone directory under “Prattville, City of”. These numbers can also be found here.

Numbers for Autauga County offices are also listed in the white and blue pages of the telephone directory under Autauga County.

Individual public school numbers and information are listed in the white pages of the telephone directory under Autauga County Board of Education, but can also be accessed here.

Airport, Prattville (Grouby Field) 334-361-0060
Ambulance Billing Information 334-595-0300
Arts Center 334-595-0850
Autauga County Courthouse 334-361-3730
Autauga County Engineer 334-361-3761
Autauga County Heritage Association 334-361-0961
Autauga County Humane Shelter 334-358-2882
Autauga County Probate Office 334-361-3725
Autauga County Revenue Commissioner 334-361-3709
Autauga County Sheriff's Office 334-361-2500
Autauga Inter-Faith Care Center 334-365-4080
Board of Education/School Information 334-365-5706
Buena Vista 334-365-3690
Building Inspections 334-595-0400
Building Permits 334-595-0400
Buried Cable/Underground Line Locator 800-292-8525
Burn Permits 334-595-0304
Business Licenses 334-595-0152
Call before you dig... 811

Charter Communications



Cemetery Information (Oak Hill, Chapman)  
Chamber of Commerce 334-365-7392
City Clerk 334-595-0121
City Council Information, Districts

City Council Email Addresses:
District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 7


City Court Clerk 334-595-0450
City Court Dates, Information 334-595-0452
City Hall Information 334-595-0100
Cultural Arts Center 334-595-0850
Department of Human Resources 334-358-5000
Doster Community Center 334-595-0800
Election Information/Polling Places (City) 334-595-0121
Emergency 911
Emergency Management (Autauga County) 334-361-3758
Engineering Department 334-595-0550
Family Sunshine Center Crisis Line 800-650-6522
Family Support Center 334-361-4703
Finance Department 334-595-0150
Fire Department Non-emergency or administrative calls 334-595-0302
Gillespie Senior Center 334-595-0840
Health, Alabama Department of Public 334-361-3743
Heritage Center 334-361-0961
Horticulturist/Landscaping 334-595-0602
Human Resources Department 334-595-0702
Humane Shelter 334-358-2882
Information Technology Department 334-595-0770
Landfill 334-365-4635
Library, Prattville Branch, Information 334-365-3396
Mayor's Office 334-595-0101
Mayor's Executive Assistant 334-595-0102
Metro Jail 334-361-2600
Parks & Recreation 334-595-0800
Personnel Department 334-595-0703
Planning & Development Department 334-595-0500
Police Department Non-emergency & administrative calls 334-595-0208
Power outage

Alabama Power
Central Alabama Electric Cooperative


Prattaugan Museum 334-361-0961
Prattville, City of 334-595-0100
Prattville Housing Authority 334-365-7580
Public Works 334-595-0888
Sanitation Department 334-595-0621
Secret Witness 334-595-0259
Smith Center 334-365-4054
Street Department 334-595-0561
Street Lights Out, Alabama Power 800-888-2726
Urban Management Department 334-595-0601
Vehicle Maintenance Department 334-595-0730
Voter Registration 334-361-3713
Wastewater Department  
Autauga Creek Treatment Plant
Pine Creek Treatment Plant
Water Works Board 334-365-6783
Webmaster 334-595-0102
Whetstone Sports Complex 334-365-1145
Yard Sale Permits 334-595-0156

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